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Sell your own artwork to wear

We want to offer artists, designers and illustrators an easy way to print their work quickly and easily on fair and sustainable textiles and earn money passively.

With us, you can start immediately without a business registration in only a few steps. We take over all tasks around production, sales and distribution, so you can concentrate on the creative part.

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Together for Better Fashion

Acting consciously against Fast Fashion

Fairness and sustainability is not an option for us, but an absolute prerequisite for our actions. Of course, we are not perfect, but we do our utmost to act in a socially responsible and resource-saving way. That’s why we rely on recycled fabrics, fair production conditions and green shipping, among other sustainable responsibilities.

We want to counteract the throwaway society and mass consumption. To do that, we primarily offer quality that allows everyone to enjoy their fabric for as long as possible. We also want to increase the value of the individual product in other ways. On the one hand by making the people behind the designs visible and on the other hand by making them not infinitely available. Each product of your product design is therefore only sold 50 times.

Better together

Shared marketing as key to success

We at Kunst auf Stoff are your fulfillment partner and take care of the printing, incoming orders and shipping of your items. You don’t have to worry about anything other than maintaining your artist profile and uploading your designs. However, the marketing is shared fairly, but there are no mandatory regulations for this.

We believe if we make a concerted effort to create and share Instagram Stories and posts, we’ll make faster progress overall than any of us individually. ❤️

Only Benefits

We want to support you. Transparent, simple and without any costs!

Fair Profit

This is what it’s all about: As an artist, you receive a fair share of the sale of your work. We agree on the details transparently beforehand and record the whole thing in a contract.

Little Effort

Your task is to design beautiful motives. After that, we will do everything else for you. From creating the finished product to shipping.

No Costs

You have – except for the working time of your design – no costs and you don’t have to pay for anything in advance.

Easy Billing

You simply invoice us regularly for the products you have sold. You do not need a trade license like other similar providers.

High Quality Products

You use our know-how in the selection of suitable fabrics and the printing process. This means you can offer first class products immediately and reliably.

Sustainable Products

All products are made of organic cotton and are fairly produced. We guarantee this through the established seals of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the FAIR WEAR Foundation. In addition, our fabrics are also PETA-Approved vegan.

Shared Marketing

Together we will make sure your artwork is seen and bought world wide.

Own Artist Profile

You get your own profile page to present yourself and your designs. For example, you can link directly to your products via Instagram.

Offline Stores

Coming soon: We plan to offer our artists a way to bring their artwork to their favorite fair fashion stores.

Networking & Visibility

Our platform and especially your profile offers you the opportunity to network with other artists and to be seen by new, potential clients.

Donation Option

You want to donate a part of the proceeds? We are happy to support this and will also take care of the accounting.


Coming soon: With our store integration solution you can offer your products directly on your website and enjoy all the benefits of our services.

Specification for Designs –

How to print

  • RGB
  • 150 – 300 dpi
  • Min. width/height: 1000 px.
  • Max. width/height: 10.500 px.
  • Max. file size: 16 MB

The graphics are cropped to the outermost pixel when printed.
The background must be transparent. (PNG/SVG)

The printing method we use is a modern digital direct printing technology. For light fabrics, the color is transferred directly into the fibers, while for dark fabrics, the fabrics are first pre-coated with a founding color and then printed.

⚠️ It is better to avoid very elaborate color gradients, as these can become washed out in the printing process.

⚠️ For optimal durability of prints, designs on black T-shirts and especially if they contain fine lines should have a white background and appropriate borders.

Do you want to join as an Artist?

We are very happy about that! First, please send us a short message in which you briefly introduce yourself and show your work. If you have a meaningful website or an Instagram account, just send it to us. We will vote on the acceptance of new artists in the collective. You will then receive a quick response.

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Co-Founder | Head of Products | Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Eulenberg

Co-Founder | Technical Director

Jascha Platzen

VP Marketing, Strategist

Jennifer Miller

Creative Director, Marketing and Acquisition

Leon Lichtenborg

VP Artist Communication, Branding & CI

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Artist of the first hour